A downloadable Descent Interval

Traverse a mysterious sorcerer's fortress searching for the source of strange temporal distortions.  Along the way you will be killing animated golems, avoiding traps, and gathering equipment from other fallen adventurers.  The only catch is that each floor is reset every minute.  If you are still on it or if you die, you'll be sent to the start of that floor, losing anything you'd gained.  You won't have time to get every item on each floor, so explore the paths and prioritize the items you want.

Enemies get tougher as you descend, and the Sorcerer himself lies in wait at the bottom.  Will you be strong enough when you reach the bottom to defeat him?

5 Floors, not including the tutorial and the boss.  Approximate play time 15-30min.  Played on Windows 10.  Controller Required.

Created for the Extra Credits Game Jam #3

Install instructions

Just extract the .exe and the .dat to any location and run the .exe

Tested on Windows 10 with a 1080p monitor.


Descent_Interval.zip 86 MB

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